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The primary focus of Fort Bend Seniors is the Meals on Wheels program. Fort Bend Seniors expects to serve at least 340,000 meals this year. This program includes three types of meal services: home-delivered meals, emergency shelf-stable meals and congregate meals.


Home-delivered meals include one hot meal daily that meets at least 1/3 of the recommended daily allowance of all nutrients required by adults  for five or more days per week to seniors who are home bound. The average Meals on Wheels participant is 78 years old  — a large majority being veterans or spouses of veterans  — live alone and report needing assistance with at least two independent activities of daily living. Participants for the home-delivered meal program must be able to physically attend a senior center and be unable to safety prepare their own meals. For these seniors, meals assistance is crucial. Over 62% of the seniors served by Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels — have household incomes under $15,000, and often in the homes of married couples, both seniors have health issues.


Congregate meals include one hot meal daily that meets at least 1/3 of the recommended daily allowance of all nutrients required by adults provided in a group setting. Congregate meals are served at all 11 of Fort Bend Seniors’ senior centers, which are located throughout Fort Bend and Waller counties and along the Harris and Fort Bend County boundaries. Fort Bend Seniors provides congregate meals five days per week at 9 of the locations in Fort Bend and Waller counties.

Activities at the senior centers include meals, nutrition education, age appropriate education, filed trips, arts and crafts, bingo, dancing, and holiday events, Veterans Day celebration, veteran recognition events, and etc. — all of which provide seniors the opportunity to socialize with those their own age, have fun, and enjoy the day. Additionally, those attending senior centers are provided with an important opportunity to visit with Fort Bend Seniors’ staff regarding additional needs and services.



Fort Bend Seniors provides daily recreational opportunities for seniors who attend the congregate meal program. A monthly calendar of events is provided to seniors outlining upcoming recreational and social programs. Activities include field trips, arts, and crafts, bingo, exercise, dancing and holiday events giving seniors opportunity to socialize with their peers on a regular basis.


The congregate meal program also includes nutrition education and an opportunity to interact socially with other seniors. Additionally, the congregate meal program provides an important opportunity for seniors to visit with Fort Bend Seniors’ staff regarding additional needs and services.


Fort Bend Seniors provides round-trip transportation through Fort Bend Transportation with their fleet of air conditioned, handicapped accessible vans, to each site location where a congregate meal program is available, without cost to them. (Transportation is available through transportation vouchers or on an as needed basis).


Emergency shelf-stable meals are meals with a shelf life of one year that are delivered to seniors for use when home delivery is unavailable due to emergency weather conditions. Fort Bend Seniors provides five meals, twice per year to homebound and congregate participants. Emergency shelf-stable meals are also provided to seniors who find themselves in temporary emergency situations such as a recent discharge from the hospital or an unexpected change in a senior’s finances.


Fort Bend Seniors provides vital health screenings for seniors at their congregate sites. The program includes screenings for hearing, vision, depression and other senior-related health screenings on an annual basis. Nutrition education programs are also provided through this program.


Fort Bend Seniors provides individual assessments for determining seniors’ needs in the areas of social services, nutrition, and health care. Once an assessment is completed, Fort Bend Seniors’


Fort Bend Seniors maintains a database of important information relating to seniors and their needs. Vital information is provided to seniors in need of services and opportunities and referrals are coordinated by Fort Bend Seniors staff. For more information, please call 281-633-7049.


Fort Bend Seniors serves seniors age 60 and over residing in Fort Bend and Waller counties. Nine senior center locations provide agency services Monday through Friday from 9 am to 1:30 pm. Seniors interested in receiving services can contact the Fort Bend Seniors’ site nearest them or Fort Bend Seniors’ headquarters toll-free at 1.800.643.9654. The administration office is open, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and is located at 1330 Band Road, Rosenberg, Texas, adjacent to the Bud O’Shieles Community Center.


Fort Bend Seniors receives annual support from the Houston-Galveston Area Council Agency on Aging, Texas Department of Human Services Community Development, the United Way of Greater Houston, Federal Emergency Management Assistance, Fort Bend County Commissioners Court, Waller County Commissioners Court, Sugar Land Community Development Block Grant, Missouri City Community Development Block Grant, Fort Bend Community Development Block Grant, The George Foundation, corporate donations, civic group donations and private donations.

The above sources do not meet the budgetary requirements of the agency.

Additional opportunities to financially support Fort Bend Seniors include planned giving and memorial gifts. These programs provide donors opportunities to support Fort Bend Seniors through regular planned donations as well as honoring/remembering family, friends and others and specific times.

In addition to these sources, Fort Bend Seniors’ board of directors, staff, and volunteers organize one major fundraising event of the year – our Mad Hatter Adventure. This event is paramount in helping us continue to successfully meet the increasing demand for senior services in Fort Bend and Waller counties.

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