The primary focus of Fort Bend Seniors is our Meals on Wheels program; a nutritious meal, companionship, and a watchful eye on the health and safety of our seniors. For those who have trouble getting around, we bring the service to you. For those who can still venture out into the community, we serve at congregate centers and community facilities.

Fort Bend Seniors served over 358,000 meals in 2021, to 2,150 clients. The average Meals on Wheels participant is 78 years old  — a large majority being veterans or spouses of veterans  — live alone and report needing assistance with at least two independent activities of daily living. For these seniors, meals assistance is crucial. Over 80% of the seniors served by Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels — have household incomes under $25,000, and often in the homes of married couples, both seniors have health issues.




Meals on Wheels focuses on care for individuals whose diminished mobility makes it hard to shop for food, prepare meals, or socialize with others. Our program serves adults 60 or over living in Fort Bend or Waller Counties. Participants of the home-delivered meal program must be unable to physically attend a senior center and be unable to safely prepare their own meals.

Some seniors are on Meals on Wheels for years, as limiting physical conditions make them unable to leave the house to grocery shop or safely prepare meals. We help these seniors stay in their homes and independent as long as possible. Other Meals on Wheels participants only require meals for a short period of time. Seniors recently released from the hospital may require meals only until they recover and are able to again be up and about. 


**PLEASE NOTE: We will be delivering meals Monday – Thursday only through 9/1/22. Clients will receive an 3 extra meals on Thursday for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.**

We are currently delivering one hot meal daily that meets at least 1/3 of the recommended daily allowance of all nutrients required by adults for five or more days per week to seniors who are homebound.

Emergency shelf-stable meals have a shelf life of one year and are delivered to seniors when home delivery is unavailable due to emergency weather conditions and to seniors who find themselves in temporary emergency situations such as a recent discharge from the hospital or an unexpected change in a senior’s finances.

If you know someone who would benefit from a regular Meals on Wheels delivery,
please complete the referral form or call us at 281-633-7049 or 800-643-9654.
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Meals are provided at no cost to eligible seniors, however they may be asked to voluntarily contribute toward the cost of a meal if they are able.



Fort Bend Seniors provides individual assessments for determining seniors’ needs in the areas of social services, nutrition, and health care as well as their overall eligibility for our services. Once completed, the case managers make referrals to various services based on the senior’s needs.  Assessments are done a minimum of once a year.

Volunteer delivery drivers are also trained to check on the well-being of seniors on their Meals on Wheels routes. Any issues are reported to FBS case managers are followed up on to ensure the senior is healthy and safe.

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Fort Bend Seniors maintains a database of vital information relating to our senior clients and their needs. Case Managers provide seniors referrals and information on additional services and helpful resources.

For more information, please call 281-633-7049.