Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels achieved a momentous milestone on October 30, 2023 as we delivered our 7 millionth meal to 85-year-old retired Navy pilot, Jesus T. This achievement stands as a testament to the enduring dedication and support of our community through our 49 years in existence. We take great pride in this accomplishment, as it

underscores our unwavering commitment to combating the critical issue of hunger among older adults. more significant.

Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels serves all eligible senior citizens age 60 and over living in Fort Bend and Waller Counties. Our primary focus is our Meals on Wheels program for home-bound seniors. We provide daily and weekly hot meal deliveries throughout Fort Bend and Waller Counties through a network of staff and volunteer drivers. For all active seniors, we provide hot meals and daily recreation activities at 8 congregate center locations throughout both counties. All of our services and programs are offered free of charge based on need, regardless of income.


Home-delivered meals include 1 hot meal daily, Monday – Wednesday, 1 hot meal plus 3 frozen meals on Thursday for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Clients also receive an emergency kit that includes 5 shelf stable meals for times of natural disaster. Meals meet at least 1/3 of the recommended daily allowance of all nutrients required by adults  for five or more days per week to seniors who are homebound. Participants for the home-delivered meal program must be unable to physically attend a senior center and also be unable to safety prepare their own meals.

Our senior congregate centers are open Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm and provide activities, including bingo, art and fitness classes, as well as a hot meal. Most importantly, they provide much needed socialization with other seniors.

A “Congregate” wishlist has been created with items we will need for the congregate centers to welcome our senior clients back. The list includes bingo prizes, art class supplies, and cleaning supplies.

Fort Bend County has a large and growing population of citizens aged 60 years and above. Nearly 10% are prevented from working and live at or below the poverty level. Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels (FBS) currently provides services to 1.2% of this group of citizens. We are continually expanding to reach the seniors in our area who need assistance.



Donations enable us to serve meals and provide programs to 1,400 seniors in Fort Bend and Waller Counties


Our volunteers deliver life-saving meals, offer a friendly smile, and provide a daily safety check for our clients.


Are you seeking home-delivered meals for yourself or for a friend or relative living in Fort Bend or Waller Counties?



Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels is qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code as a non-profit corporation, and contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent as allowed by law.